Our Work

Here’s why I became a custom builder and what I’ve been up to for the last 25 years…

We are proud of our extensive portfolio of home building projects which includes new homes as well as renovations. Whether your need is modest or large, our approach and commitment to quality remains the same.

With more than 25 years of experience as a custom home builder, I know how to look at all angles of a project. I know real estate and I know the importance of ensuring that your design/build project will be a sound investment within your market area. I wear multiple hats when representing your interests and take your lifestyle into consideration when designing the space.


I focus on connecting how you will live in and use the space that we are designing / building. I do not want to follow typical industry layout – I want to provide the space that really works for the way you will use it. I am driven by creative approaches like connecting the indoor and outdoor spaces with covered porch areas to allow you to enjoy the outdoors more often regardless of the weather.

I establish the traffic patterns that people will really use when walking through the space and design accordingly. We provide light switches where you need them and electrical outlets where they make sense. If you are right-handed or left-handed, we design your kitchen to accommodate your workflow needs. Discovering effective and efficient ways to build an area allows the homeowner to use it to its fullest.

Quality comes second nature to us. We look for fun, creative approaches that provide you with novel building materials that do not increase the price, but do increase the value because of their uniqueness and high quality. I have established contacts throughout the years that allow me to offer exciting options to my customers. I look for creative solutions that will bring years of value backed by strong warranties.


As a custom home builder, we pride ourselves on providing a level of quality that lasts and lasts. I want my clients to move into a home and enjoy an environment that works for them and supports how they live. My building standards exceed those of the industry. I provide for future growth when running wires and building electrical panels. We add windows where people can open them and create air flow through a house. One of the keys to our success and stellar reputation with our customers is our focus on lifestyle.


My clients put a lot of faith in me to deliver the project of their dreams and we are there to do just that. Our experience and expertise allow us to find the right solutions. My commitment to my clients is there, forever.

Our Work