Meet Brian

My focus is on custom building and remodeling

with the client as the center of my process. That is not just lip service – it is for real. I want to understand what you are looking to accomplish prior to moving your project forward, as your needs may very well drive some of my recommendations.


I’ve seen my share of changes in the industry in my more than twenty five years of custom building. In the end, one item stays constant – the client needs to remain at the center of the project to ensure a successful outcome. With pricing pressures and a challenging economy pushing on the industry, some of my fellow builders have placed profit over professionalism. That is a trend that I find depressing and one that I refuse to follow.

I entered the building industry in 1987,

Over twenty five years later, I am proud to have had a part in some of the finest residential building projects in southeastern Pennsylvania & New Jersey. As business has grown, my values have remained the same and are the company’s cornerstone.


I want my clients to know…

that I will never compromise our company’s commitment to you. Building you a quality new home or renovation is, and always will be, Priority #1. You may be able to find someone who will cut corners and offer a lower price. This practice, in the end, compromises your building project and often provides for increased or hidden costs down the road.

I will be straightforward

in our communications about price, deadline and workflow. I know that you can find someone to say what they think you want to hear and then the truth comes out in the project down the road. I will stick by my word and deliver the quality that you are expecting and deserve to receive.


My company treats our clients

with equally high levels of respect and fairness. I do not place any emphasis on wealth or zip code.

Meet Brian